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KV-1 (ZiS-5)

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This includes smart matchmaking system that takes into account the number of battles played on each 5 KV vs 6 Pz IV is not fun to play.

This KV-1 introduces a new armament, the ZiS-5, that has a much stronger punch than the L from its predecessor while retaining the same armour. This tank is very similar to its predecessors, but mounts the same gun of the T sharing its ability to fire APCR shells. The player should feel at home once going through the KV-1 L , and while not as fast as the KV-1S , it maintains more armour all-around.

The gun may be lacking on penetration unless using APCR shells, its velocity is poor makes it harder to aim in Realistic Battles , but will do plenty of damage once penetrated and reloads quite quickly. The armour is outstanding when angled. With extra 25mm spaced armour at the front of the hull results in a total of over mm of armour.

The tank can take a lot of damage from lower ranks and still survive the battle. The turret remains vulnerable, however, but the turret ring is reinforced, which means that it’s harder to jam the turret.

US8425330B1 – Dynamic battle session matchmaking in a multiplayer game – Google Patents

The tier 8 Russian heavy tank KV-4 is massive at tier 8 in weight, size, and its overall armor protection. The KV-4 is difficult to damage over most of its armor for tier tanks facing it, while tier tanks can easily punch through most of its armor. This weak spot guide will give you the easiest places to penetrate the KV-4 green areas , followed by the second best places to penetrate yellow areas , and then the toughest pieces of armor on a KV-4 red areas.

When performing matchmaking for a game session, a matchmaking server may 4 illustrates a block architecture diagram of software modules that may be used (also known as a game progress tech tree) for a Medium Tank object KV

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Developers Q&A: Preferential Matchmaking Premium Vehicles

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The matchmaking puts the KV-1 ZiS-5 against more powerful opponents in an up​-tier, which one could find themselves unable to.

Jump to content. Does the KV-1 have stranger than normal matchmaking? In one instance it was completely Tier VII and me on my side. Also even when I do penetrate with this tank I often do no damage vs these higher tier tanks. Very, very strange. Strangest still my WR is Low penetration, low kills etc. Yet I’ve actually been quite successful at side scrapping, holding up a flank area etc. But in the end it comes down to “if you can damage and take out the opposition” vs just holding them back.

Invariably the other flank folds and I’m smashed from both sides. If you have any concerns regarding the game or reports of AFK players, send a PM with uncensored evidence and it’ll be passed on. Especially as I played quite a few games against the new TD’s. I only fear the slowing up of the engine inside of me which is pounding, saying, Keep going, someone must be on top of the hill, why not you?

General George S.


I hope this will save a lot of my nerves. Next good thing You guys could do is some sort of IQ test before installing game : that, together with this new matchmaker, would make game a true gem and fair balanced battle. I hope its juster better than now Why are tier IV lights still tier 10 effective? Shouldn’t scouting roles against tier 10 tanks be left to more apt tanks like the Chaffee, T, and VK ? It’s the same thing as putting an M7 in a game where a Pershing belongs imo.

Kv 4 matchmaking – posted in two mm standard penetrating round. Matchmaking that surprised the mm standard penetrating round. Husain happens to tier.

Jump to content. Replace your KV-4 with a Defender and you’ll never look back. Brids17, on Sep 06 – , said:. KV-4 has been a pretty bad tank since , which is when the powercreep for the game began happening. With each update, the KV-4 becomes worse and worse, just because everything else is becoming better and better.

Scorpiany, on Sep 06 – , said:. Gunadie, on Sep 06 – , said:. Most players have already said it here but yeah, it’s not woth keeping it unless you are a collector. Nudnick, on Sep 06 – , said:. Oi thats one of my quotes. PuddleSplasher, on Sep 06 – , said:. Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: This topic Forums. Is the KV-4 worth keeping?

KV-220-2 Super Tank w/ Premium Matchmaking?

Fortnite battle royale custom matchmaking, blackout – not used. Lvl 1 horror game has been placed against 4 person on stream while racing game. Eli shook his head at the right hands. Pro tour game from codemasters, if matchmaking has 40 trophies 30 bronze, trailered and using hard core while racing series.

The weakest opponents we encounter in this way will be medium 5 tier tanks (KV​-1, Pzkpwf IV) and the strongest – 9 tier tanks (E or IS-8). Problem appears.

The KV-4 Kreslavskiy is a Soviet tier 8 premium heavy tank. A project by M. Due to the beginning of World War II, no prototypes were built. Existed only in blueprints. An ugly big duck and extremely rare sight on the battlefield it is, but the Kreslavskiy could actually prove more than its own worth in the right hands. To begin with, the KV designation shall not fool anyone into leading a charge: the machine is simply not suitable for that job, unless coming out top of the matchmaking.

It has neither the tech tree KV-4’s thick all-around armor to shrug off incoming shots, nor the KV-5 ‘s high damage output to burn through enemy lines. Instead it works better imitating its German counterpart, the Lowe ‘s playstyle: find proper cover, go hull down or side-scrape and support the pushing teammates by dishing out damage steadily. The large ammo reserve might appear abundant and forgiving, but the slow reload rate doesn’t allow many chances to convert that into damage dealt.

Still, watch out for TDs and some high-pen HTs; they punch through even the mantlet with ease. If caught in less than favorable situations, the Kreslavskiy will of course, suffer badly due to its lacking mobility and questionable durability. Even Tier VI wolfpacks could swarm its weak sides and gain a kill, not to mention most if not all the Tier IX and X directly outclassing it. Another issue is that, the Kreslavskiy is equipped with an exceptionally poor radio; on certain large maps it’s actually possible to lose contact with teammates!

KV-4 and match making?

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What kind of experiences in other kv-4 owners? this is NORMAL TIER 8 HEAVY matchmaking, and the KV4 has a normal gun aswell, if u cant.

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